Frequently asked wound care questions:

Q:  How do I know if I need a wound specialist?

A:  Within four weeks smaller sized wounds should have healed. A larger wound should have decreased by half the original size in four weeks.

Q:  What can I do if I am unable to perform the necessary dressing changes by myself?

A:  We have several ways to help this issue, Medicare and most insurance companies will help pay for dressing materials. We will place the appropriate order and the products we select for you will be mailed to your home. We will teach, demonstrate and instruct any person you choose in proper technique and will see you back as often as needed to monitor progress. In some cases, a home health nurse will be selected and instructed to come to your home and perform the needed care for you. Insurance pays for this as well.

Wound Care is Caring for People

By Dr. Bret Boyle

As a physician specializing in problem solving the non-healing wound, I continue to be humbled and amazed at how much these wounds impact the individual and those around them. When I hear their stories, as I frequently do, I feel compelled to share them (anonymously) with others who may find some solace in knowing they are not alone, but more so, that they can know there is help available for them or a loved one. The following is an excerpt from one patient’s recorded testimonial as she graciously agreed to share her story.

“It was almost 18 months of treatment that I had to endure. My husband and I were simply exhausted. What do we do? This is not a situation we can keep up. We were both mentally and physically exhausted. The cancer, which was the cause of my wound, had already exhausted my body and my spirit, now to deal with this wound was just one more thing. I had lost all hope. Even to the point of planning my funeral.

You don’t talk about death, but it’s there every minute as you get worse and worse. You get to a point where you just don’t know if you’ll even be around the next day. You just keep seeing doctors and going on and on––you’re just ready to be done. My husband and I refused to believe this was something we would both have to “just live with” for the rest of my life. We both were at the point of no hope. 

Our daughter introduced us to Dr. Boyle, who was so kind and compassionate. I shared with him my situation, the fact that I was at the end of my rope and ready to give up. He was able to start a (plan for) healing and give us hope that we could have a normal life again. He was such a blessing and fresh breathes of air for us. He’s just so personable and knowledgeable. Even with the first day, his personality and attitude made me feel energized. Every time I went for treatment he would say, ‘you are getting so much better.’ He saved my life and I’m so thankful. 

One thing that set him apart and pressed upon me was his experience in the military. As a military doctor, his background is treating soldiers and dealing with very extreme cases, even to the point of helping soldiers avoid loosing their limbs due to such severe wounds.

Dr. Boyle saved my life, as simple as that. My life on the other side of this is so wonderful. I would encourage anyone who is dealing with a wound to talk with Dr. Boyle. The difference I found with Dr. Boyle is how concerned and caring he was with me. To have a physician who was invested in my health and so personally involved made all the difference in my healing.

After my treatment and healing, I have my normal life back again. I have my hope back.”


Dr. Bret Boyle is a local physician with specialty training and board certification in management of non-healing, problem wounds. He is the medical director of Physician Wound Care Specialists of Utah, located at St. Mark’s Hospital, on the 3rd floor, above the Emergency Department. His background includes 13 years of active duty military service where he began as a board certified family medicine physician. In 2001 the Army sent him to Duke University Medical Center for a one-year fellowship in wound care and undersea and hyperbaric medicine. He then ran the Army’s only specialized wound and hyperbaric clinic for four years and has continued to provide his expertise here in Utah for the past four years.

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