Types of Wounds

and Ulcers:

    *    Diabetic Foot Ulcers
    *    Venous Stasis Ulcers (leg swelling)
    *    Surgical Wound Complications
    *    Traumatic Wounds
    *    Burns
    *    Arterial (ischemic) leg ulcers
    *    Abscess Wounds (spider bites)
    *    Neuropathic Ulcers (neuropathy)
    *    Other "problem" wounds

Types of Treatments

*    Debridement (removal) of unhealthy

     materials from wound
*    Moist wound therapy dressings
*    Control of leg swelling/edema

     (compression wrap therapy)
*    Treatment of wound and bone infections
*    Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

     (vacuum assisted closure)
*    Living cell therapy (skin substitutes like

     Apligraf and Dermagraft)
*    Pressure offloading management
*    Nutrition counseling
*    Team approach with other medical/surgical