Patient Testimonials

The following are actual patient's experiences at our clinic.

The office staff and Dr. Boyle are outstanding! I have worked in a hospital for five years. I've had eleven surgeries and broken 9 bones. My first wound was a gun shot to the right hip. In all my experience I haven't found a more thorough and excellent doctor and staff. I give them five stars and recommend them highly!

-R.F. 12/31/12

I've been to 2 separate doctors and been on 2 rounds of antibiotics with no results. After coming to Physician Wound Care for less than 2 months my wounds are almost healed!
Dr. Boyle is great and I also think it's wonderful that he served our country in the Army!

-C.C. 12/31/12

My service was excellent! I've been coming for 2 weeks and my wound is gradually getting better and I've learned a a lot about preventing wounds in the future.
Husband: Very efficient service and I would highly recommend this clinic to everybody!

-P.R. 12/31/12

"They are knowledgeable, professional, caring, friendly, and Dr. Boyle will take time to explain whats happening. Would definitely recommend."


​"Good care from all employee's here at the clinic."


​"Dr. Boyle has an excellent bed side manner, and his staff are very friendly and seem very knowledgeable in wound care. Dr. Boyle seems great in wound care, with all details covered aside from the obvious wound care. I have a really good feeling about him taking care of my right leg. I've seen a lot of wound care doctors since 1997, and Dr. Boyle is both old school, and new school, no fancy shmancy BS. Today is my second visit and already there is improvement." - P.Z.

"I've been coming for over 3 months after a surgery went poorly and I got a serious infection. It was a life threatening wound which Dr. Boyle healed. Dr. Boyle is wonderful, kind, considerate, and makes you feel real good! They really encourage you every step of the way! I feel like the staff and the doctor give you hope and let you know that there is an end to all this mess! I am healed today and God bless him!

<--Now I can chase around my husband again...

-E.R. 12/31/12

"Fantastic! I teach customer service and consult with medical clinics and Dr. Boyle was genuinely interested in me, listened and gave thorough explanations of what he was doing. Jolynn introduced herself with a smile and was particularly attentive. Christian was patient as he explained different forms to sign. I felt safe and in the hands of knowledgeable professionals. I'd definitely recommend Dr. Boyle!"

"My experience has been great! Everyone goes out of their way to explain what's going on and to make sure I'm comfortable. Thank you."

"I love the way Christian greets me. I love the way Jolynn treats me, and Dr. Boyle. Everybody here treats me with excellent customer service. Everybody here is taking excellent care of me and my leg. I love all of you guys! ♥"

"Great clinic and short waits. Jolynn (his nurse) is very professional. Dr. Boyle is great and never rushes you."

"Excellent care! Dr. Boyle and his staff provide superior care and attention in the utmost professional manner. Thank you Physician Wound Care."

"Great!! I have been with Dr. Boyle off and on for years. (I'm a disaster waiting to happen). The results have been great. I hope this is my last problem, but if not, I'll be happy to have the good doctor be my man!"

"Hi wound care at St. Marks. Boy you are the best Dr. Boyle and Linda at doing a good job. Excellent and good. I enjoyed coming here. Thanks a million+2!"


"Dr. Boyle and his staff have given me excellent and tender care. Their positive attitude and professional manner made a serious condition much less frightening. The outcome looks good. Thank you for your care."

"If you are afflicted with persistent venous-stasis ulcers, as I have been for seven years, do yourself a favor and visit Dr. Bret Boyle at Physicians Wound Care Specialists. After visiting four clinics previously, I finally got results from Dr. Boyle's care. I am enormously grateful to him."

- D.G., Salt Lake City, UT            

​"After 5 yrs of treatments from various clinicians for several non-healing leg ulcers, Dr. Boyle has helped me heal two of them and the others are going in the right direction."
- M.W., Salt Lake City, UT

"In 2 months my wound was healed. Dr. Boyle's caring and integrity shone through in all aspects of my care."
- J.P., Utah

"As a patient I have known Dr. Boyle for about 3 years. I have found him to be a very efficient, very knowledgeable and very capable wound care physician."
- R.A., Salt Lake City, UT

"After 1 1/2 years of treatment with a variety of doctors and wound care specialists

my wound was still unhealed. Now 5 months under Dr. Boyle's care and I am 100%

healed. Thank You!!!"
- L.S., Utah