Nathan Boyle

Wound Care Tech

Nathan is Dr. Boyle’s son who also began Physician Wound Care with assisting his father during his mobile Wound Care and now works at the clinic off and on.  He is a certified nursing assistant whose experience includes working at IMC Trauma Unit and Draper Rehabilitation.  He currently is training in the police academy.  You will find Nathan working at the clinic as a wound care tech.​ Nathan is very comfortable working with wounds and is considered very easy to relax around.  He shows great concern for the patients care and will follow them thru to the completion of their visit at the clinic.

Nathan is a professional musician who started out like all the Boyle boys on piano, then trumpet and has settled with the guitar.  He is a songwriter and can be found strumming his guitar, singing, and teaching private guitar lessons.  He is very athletic and loves to play tennis, basketball and volleyball.  Nathan is a newlywed to Danielle and both love all outdoor activities.

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