Kerri J. Boyle

Business Manager/Marketing

Kerri is Dr. Boyle’s wife of 31 years and plays a huge role in the business operations and marketing for Physician Wound Care. In the past, Kerri has managed the billing office and day-to-day business operations, but since the addition of Bryant she has been able to direct her focus and attention to other needs in the business.  You will find Kerri promoting Physician Wound Care in the clinic either showing patients the wound care articles Dr. Boyle published in our local Living Well magazine, or talking with other physicians about our new clinic at St. Mark’s Hospital.  She also oversees the business side of the clinic.  Kerri’s first passion is being a loving wife to her husband and mother to their four sons. She also has a specialized interest in music. Kerri currently runs a side-business called ‘5 to 1 Music Studio’ where she teaches private voice and piano lessons. She enjoys singing, hiking with Dr. Boyle, cross country skiing, mountain biking, full moons, her home land of Santa Barbara and spending time with friends.

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