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Millions of people from all walks of life and all ages struggle with various types of non-healing skin wounds. These "problem" wounds fail to respond to standard treatments due to any number of often hidden, underlying issues. Our staff has been trained to identify and treat the diverse conditions that often upset the normal healing process. Working with the body's natural processes,

we can inspire the healing of even the most persistent wounds.

Our Mission: To have our customers and the professional community consider this wound

center to be the very best available in the Salt Lake region.

We plan to achieve this goal in three ways:
1.  By imparting hope and improving quality of life through kind, compassionate and excellent healthcare.
2.  By improving the body's healing through "evidence-based" medicine with an appropriate "team" of specialists.
3.  By healing wounds, preventing amputations and educating to prevent recurrence.

"Your body will heal the wound; we merely help it do its job"

Our Team

Dr. Bret Boyle

Medical Director/Owner

Before coming to Utah to practice Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, Dr. Boyle spent 13 years on active duty Army service as a physician in Italy, Hawaii, South Korea, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and California. He is military trained and board certified in Family Medicine, then after some years sought fellowship training in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine/Wound Care at Duke University in 2001.  He then achieved Board Certification in this specialty as well.   During his military service he treated many battle-wounded soldiers along with more common types of problem wounds while serving as a special consultant to the Army Surgeon General.

Jolynn Gonzalez

Medical Assistant

Jolynn is the Medical Assistant here at Physician Wound Care. She is one of the friendliest people you will meet! After checking in at the front desk, Jolynn is the first person the patient sees as she takes them back to the treatment rooms. She then helps with making the patients comfortable and ready to see Dr. Boyle. She also completes all the vitals and background information for the patients, applies dressings/wraps, and coordinates with Dr. Boyle to develop a plan of care.

Bryant Strain

Office Manager

Bryant is the office manager at Physician Wound Care. His primary role is to oversee the clinic’s day-to-day operations, which includes managing patient accounts, insurance claims, the front office staff and patient flow. If you have any issues or concerns, you will find that he is very approachable and quick to help.

Christian Boyle

Office Specialist

Christian is our ‘Office Specialist’ here at Physician Wound Care. He has a broad role at the clinic and operates as an assistant to anyone that needs assistance, ranging from our staff to patients. Christian uses his creativity to work on different projects around the clinic such as managing our Facebook page, website and marketing materials.

Linda Cox

Certified Wound/Ostomy Nurse Practioner

Linda Cox is our Nurse Practitioner who is available to see patients on Friday’s only.  In addition to treatment and management of challenging problem wounds, Linda treats all those with Ostomy and Lymphedema needs.  She has been certified in Wound Care for 30 years and is in charge of wound care at the valley’s only Long Term Acute Care facility named “Promise Hospital” located at LDS hospital.

Kerri J. Boyle

Director of Business Operations/Marketing

Kerri is Dr. Boyle’s wife of 31 years and plays a huge role in the business operations and marketing for Physician Wound Care. In the past, Kerri has managed the billing office and day-to-day business operations, but since the addition of Bryant she has been able to direct her focus and attention to other needs in the business.  You will find Kerri promoting Physician Wound Care in the clinic either showing patients the wound care articles Dr. Boyle published in our local Living Well magazine, or talking with other physicians about our new clinic at St. Mark’s Hospital.


Matthew Boyle

IT Manager/Office Specialist/Student Medical Assistant

Matthew is Dr. Boyle's eldest son and has been ‘the brains’ for helping Dr. Boyle begin his private practice in 2009.  Physician Wound Care first began as a "mobile" wound care service traveling to skilled nursing facilities in the Salt Lake valley and Matthew was Dr. Boyle’s medical/technical assistant.  When opening the clinic at St. Mark’s Hospital in January 2012 it was Matthew who spearheaded the clinic to run ‘paperless’ by creating electronic health records with use of an IPAD.

Shaun Boyle

Student Medical Assistant

Shaun is Dr. Boyle’s son and has been involved from the start with Physician Wound Care.  He is a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant and has received his training from working at Draper Rehabilitation and Coventry Assisted Living.  The residents at these facilities really like Shaun, as he is compassionate and caring to them.

Nathan Boyle

Occasional Medical Assistant

Nathan is Dr. Boyle’s son who also began Physician Wound Care with assisting his father during his mobile Wound Care and now works at the clinic off and on.  He is a certified nursing assistant whose experience includes working at Draper Rehabilitation.  He currently works on the trauma floor of a local hospital caring for ICU patients.  You will find Nathan working at the clinic usually when he finds free time or he is covering for someone.

1220 East 3900 South #3a
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 590-9064

fax (801) 278-9182

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