Dr. Bret R. Boyle

Medical Director/Owner

Before coming to Utah to practice Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, Dr. Boyle spent 13 years on active duty Army service as a physician in Italy, Hawaii, South Korea, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and California. He is military trained and board certified in Family Medicine, then after some years sought fellowship training in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine/Wound Care at Duke University in 2001.  He then achieved Board Certification in this specialty as well.   During his military service he treated many battle-wounded soldiers along with more common types of problem wounds while serving as a special consultant to the Army Surgeon General. Dr. Boyle finished his service with the military in 2008 and moved to Utah to continue his passion for excellence in wound care.  In 2009 he began a mobile medical service unique to Utah where he provided ‘at-the-bedside’ and in the home wound care to a large number of residents in our local nursing facilities and the home bound. Dr. Boyle became quite popular among these facilities as he made this unique and important form of health care more easily accessible to the many debilitated, injured and ill individuals who could not easily be seen in a clinic setting.  Dr. Boyle is recognized for taking time to teach and train the medical staff of the skilled nursing facilities and many home-health nursing agencies in the Salt Lake Valley.

In January 2012, he was welcomed by the administration of St. Mark’s Hospital to provide the only outpatient Wound Care clinic on their campus.  Dr. Boyle has a great respect for the many physicians at St. Mark’s whom he interacts with daily in order to maintain excellent continuity of care for his patients.  He believes in and practices good communication with his patients and their caregivers and displays this priority by his availability to listen to their cares and concerns.  Dr. Boyle welcomes any person with a non-healing wound to his clinic and is very dedicated to help heal the troubled wound.  Dr. Boyle often speaks on Wound Care by giving seminars to educate the Salt Lake Community on current Wound Care issues.  He has published 4 wound care articles that can be found in a local magazine called Living Well (www.livingwellmag.com). 

His lovely wife Kerri adds her touch as a clinic manager and partner and greatly enhances the positive and friendly clinic atmosphere.  They have four sons: Matthew, Nathan, Shaun and Christian, all of whom are involved in the family owned and operated clinic. Dr. Boyle has four dogs that he loves very much, spending time with his family, hiking, playing the guitar, house projects and riding his motorcycle throughout the amazing and diverse landscape of Utah.